Owner Benefits

Why Work With Us

If you choose Sacramento Delta as your property manager you can reap the following benefits:

  • You can receive your rent proceeds as early as the 6th. 
  • All owner statements come with the original bills documenting all work. 
  • Our 24 Hour Emergency Hotline can reach our on-call Manager to handle after hours emergencies. 
  • We have two offices, one south and one north. 
  • You don't pay extra to have us pay your recurring bills, and we give you the originals monthly. 
  • You get an owner's statement every month, on a regularly scheduled day. 
  • We bill the resident for any repairs that are their responsibility. 
  • You have the advantage of advertising your vacancies with pictures on our website.
  • Our rental applications are available for easy access on our website. 
  • Your funds can be electronically deposited directly into your account.
  • Our Eviction Protection Program can save you the cost of attorney fees and court costs in the unusual event of an eviction. It is included in our monthly managment fee provided that we screen and place the resident.