Application Information

Sacramento Delta Property Management specializes in single family homes. We are committed to offering our residents quick responses and to taking all reasonable steps to satisfy their needs while leasing one of our properties. You may search our available rentals by clicking on the Rental Search link above. Below, you can find out more about our residency qualifications and download a copy of our Resident Application Form.
Please read the following application guidelines carefully.

A completed application is required from each person over the age of 18 who intends to reside at the property. You can download this application by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. You may first need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking the link provided below. This will enable you to read the PDF file.

A processing fee is required before an application can be processed. The fee is $35.00 for each application submitted. The fee is non-refundable if the application is processed. The application fee does not need to be paid a second time if re-applying for another property within a 30-day period. After 30 days, a new application fee is required and the application process will start over. Personal checks are accepted for the application fee (make checks payable to Sacramento Delta).

Applications are processed as quickly as possible. The more complete your application, the faster we can process it. To expedite the process, please bring your Social Security card and Driver's License along with your application. If anyone applying is collecting Disability or Social Security benefits, please attach the appropriate paperwork to the application. 

If the property rents before your application is processed, the processing fee will be refunded, or you may choose to transfer your application and fee to another of our available properties. However, an approved application for one property may not necessarily be considered an approved application for another property. Please contact the appropriate property manager.

Our general guidelines to qualify are that you have a legal and verifiable income of approximately three times the monthly rent, two recent years of favorable rental references (excluding renting from family members) or home ownership and a minimum of two lines of good credit established with a creditor for six months who reports to Trans Union. Negative references, collections or bankruptcy may keep an application from being approved. Please contact the property manager for detailed information regarding specific qualifications, co-singers, pet approval, etc.

If pets are allowed, the security deposit will be increased by $300.00 for each pet. If you own a dog over 40 pounds, you must show proof of Renter's Insurance.

Most agreements begin with a one year lease. The security deposit and the first month's rent must be paid in the form of a cashier's check or money order prior to occupancy. Upon payment of a deposit, we will hold a vacancy for an approved application for up to 7 days.

Please allow at least two business days for the application to be processed.