Owner Services

Owner Services 1Property Evaluated 

We will assess the condition of your property, make recommendations, and obtain bids to 'make ready' for rental. We know the rental market value of your property to get the best price and a quality resident.

Owner Services 2Vacancies Marketed 

We aggressively and creatively market your vacant property to find you an excellent resident. This is accomplished through our vacancy list which is available 24 hours a day at two office locations, by fax on demand and on the internet. Additionally, our alliance with real estate professionals, AND maintaining excellent "curb appeal" of your property helps with the marketing of your property.

Owner Services 3
Residents Carefully Screened and Selected

Sacramento Delta Property Management views resident selection as our most important function. You benefit from residents who have been carefully screened through our membership with Transunion. Each resident must complete a detailed application and meet minimum income requirements, rental or ownership history, and credit requirements.

Owner Services 4Rents Collected

Firm collection policies and swift evictions in case of a problem spare you from difficult and costly situations.  

Owner Services 5Accounting Services 

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing the paperwork is being handled. Our totally computerized accounting and reporting system itemizes all expenses, comply with IRS regulations, California Franchise Tax Board and can manage bill paying.

Owner Services 7Maintenance Services 

Reliable and reasonable contractors, 24 hour emergency service for residents, and regular inspections keep your costs down, your residents happy and your evenings undisturbed. Our loyal maintenance vendors provide fast response time at reasonable prices. 

Owner Services 6Eviction Protection Program

We certainly hope that your property will never have to experience an eviction. We generally turn down as many as six out of ten applications we receive because there is false information on those applications. To protect you, our office has all of the latest tools and resources in order to verify each and every aspect of the applications we receive. We run credit reports, access the county records to verify ownership of property, check in our large cross directory to verify names and telephone numbers and personally make each verification telephone call.

Unfortunately, even families that are well qualified when they move in can encounter serious life changing situations (loss of employment and divorce are the most common in our experience, but as you can imagine there are many others). In many cases, one of the results is financial instability. When a family does not pay rent and does not move, our only recourse is to take legal action.

Typically, the paper work is sent to the attorney's office, the tenant is served the legal papers and our office will appear on behalf of the owner to present evidence. The matter is usually an issue of unpaid rent and the judge normally finds in favor of the landlord. The total eviction cost is about $750.00 and we generally expect the process to take about three weeks after we send the paper work to the attorney.

Our Eviction Protection Program is included in our monthly mangement fee.  Should an eviction occur, the program will pay the costs to serve the 3-Day Notice, Summons and Complaint, all filing fees and all attorney fees. The program does not cover the cost of a jury trial, but nearly 100% of evictions are not going to involve a jury.

This program is provided on all properties with residents that were screened and placed by Sacramento Delta Property Management.

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