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What Your Sacramento Property Management Company Should Do for You


When you’re looking for a property management company to take care of your single family residence in Sacramento, you should pay attention to three particular things; price, communication and education.




There is no standard cost for the management of single family homes in Sacramento. Some companies will work by charging you a percentage of the rent and others will have a flat fee. What you need to know is what you’re getting for the cost. Find out what kinds of services are included in what you’re paying. For example, does your property management fee include the payment of utility bills and property taxes? Find out if maintenance bills are paid, and if there is a surcharge. Some property management companies offer eviction protection and that’s important, because you want to know if the company stands behind the tenants they select for your property. Find out if they are willing to pay for evictions, or if you’ll be left to pay it yourself.




The way your property manager communicates should be very important to you. The most difficult thing in our field is that many property managers are out of the office half the time. They are inspecting properties and showing properties and meeting with owners and residents and vendors. You still need to get your questions answered, however. Make sure you work with a property manager who has a staff of people who can help you while the property manager is unavailable. There should be a written policy in place for responding to your emails and phone calls. You want to know your property manager is going to get back to you within a particular amount of time.


Education and Experience


A property manager will guide you through the local, state and federal laws involved in rental properties. Therefore, you want a property manager with a lot of experience and a lot of ongoing education. Find out how long a property manager has been in business. Always choose someone who is affiliated with the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). Your best bet is to get a property manager who is designated and certified by that organization. This is a group of professionals who spend hundreds of hours staying current in every issue pertaining to property management. They are dedicated and committed managers.


If you have any questions about what your property manager should be doing for you, please contact us at Sacramento Delta Property Management.


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